ETH Zurich Seeks Assistant Professor of Methods and Technologies for Molecular and Cellular Systems Engineering

visual: ETH Zurich / Gian Marco Castelberg


In an announcement by ETH Zurich, the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) seeks outstanding candidates for the open faculty position of Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Methods and Technologies for Molecular and Cellular Systems Engineering. The successful candidate will develop innovative methods to advance biosystems science and engineering. Building upon current achievements in the field of living therapies, such as molecular, gene and cell therapies and tissue regeneration, the next generation of these therapeutic modalities will include the capacity to precisely manipulate individual cells, tissues, organs, and ultimately whole organisms. Such manipulation will be performed in a dynamic fashion in response to real-‚Äčtime molecular and cellular cues and will possibly lead to fully personalized treatment strategies.

Read the full job announcement on ETH Zurich's website.


*Please note the above position is not associated with the BRCCH. Those interested in this position must apply through ETH Zurich's online faculty recruiting portal.