Prof Daniel Müller Joins the Basel Research Centre for Child Health as Co-Director

The Basel Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH) is pleased to share that Prof Daniel Müller is succeeding Prof Sai Reddy as Co-Director effective immediately. With the support of Director Prof Georg Holländer, Prof Müller will help guide the strategic orientation and initiatives of the BRCCH as it transitions to a digital health hub in Basel.

We want to sincerely thank Prof Sai Reddy for the time and expertise he dedicated to supporting the launch of the BRCCH and its initial scientific activities. Prof Reddy is an associate professor at ETH Zurich in the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering and was the first Co-Director of the BRCCH, joining the organisation at its conception in 2018. During his tenure, Prof Reddy shaped the funding activities of the BRCCH while championing its mission to innovate solutions for the health and well-being of children and adolescents worldwide.

“Thank you, Sai, for your dedicated leadership of the BRCCH over the last five years,” says Prof Georg Holländer, BRCCH Director. “During your tenure, the BRCCH launched four funding calls that allowed us to support 80 scientists across 29 research projects. We appreciate your guidance during the initial activities of the BRCCH and in preparing for this next phase.”

As the BRCCH transitions into a digital health hub in Basel, Prof Reddy is passing his post to Prof Daniel Müller, a professor of biophysics at ETH Zurich in Basel. Prof Müller was involved in the initial conception and building of the BRCCH, was also formerly on the BRCCH Board as the previous Head of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich and actively participated in developing the BRCCH’s new strategic direction. As an expert in engineering biomolecular systems, his skills complement those of BRCCH Director Prof Georg Holländer, a paediatric researcher.

“I am delighted to begin my official role within the BRCCH,” says Prof Daniel Müller, BRCCH Co-Director. “As an organisation, the BRCCH has expanded the innovation potential in paediatric digital health in Switzerland. I look forward to concentrating this expertise in Basel during the BRCCH’s transition to a paediatric digital health hub and through the creation of one of the first institutes worldwide dedicated to this topic.”