Calls for Applications

The BRCCH supports scientifically outstanding and innovative research to improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents worldwide. 

The BRCCH now launches a new initiative, the Postdoctoral Excellence Programme (PEP),  to foster the next generation of scientific leaders who will conduct interdisciplinary and step-changing research to address critical unmet needs and challenges in global paediatric medicine and health.

Call for Applications

Postdoctoral Excellence Programme


Eligibility Criteria

In general, researchers with a primary affiliation at one of BRCCH's four partner institutions may apply for an open call. The four partner institutions are the University of Basel (including the University Hospital Basel), ETH Zurich, University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB) and Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). An application must be led by  a researcher from one of these institutions.

Researchers outside of these four partner institutions may be included on a project proposal in the capacity of a Collaborator.

Applications must be submitted in relation to an open call and align with at least one of our focal research areas. Research proposals received outside the context of an open call  will not be considered. The BRCCH encourages potential applicants to review the BRCCH website thoroughly and read the specific criteria for each open call, as calls differ one from another.

Research Portfolio 

Open calls for applications at the BRCCH fit within the framework of the BRCCH research portfolio. The BRCCH supports its portfolio with five distinct research programmes that have been specifically designed to implement the Centre’s objectives both in the short and the long term.

  1. The Multi-Investigator Programme enables cornerstone projects led by larger consortia including at least two BRCCH partners that address big challenges in child and adolescent health and well-being. MIPs provide support for up to 5 years. The first MIP call launched in 2019.
  2. The Principal Investigator Initiative (PII) enables projects with a concise focus undertaken by consortia from single or multiple BRCCH partners. PIIs expand on existing and emerging expertise and the first call for applications will open in 2021.
  3. The BRCCH creates Assistant Professorships at the University of Basel and ETH Zurich in order to address gaps in knowledge and competences related to its remit.
  4. The Postdoctoral Excellence Programme sponsors the next generation of scientific leaders in global paediatric health and medicine and prepares them for the next stage of their careers.
  5. The Fast Track Calls provides a unique tool for responding to extraordinary and emerging health challenges to which the Centre’s partners can rapidly provide innovative and far-reaching solutions. The FTC Call for COVID-19 launched in 2020.