Inaugural BRCCH Spotlight Day

More than 200 visitors joined us at our inaugural BRCCH Spotlight Day – a great turnout to our first public event! After inspiring welcome addresses by Andrea Schenker-Wicki and Detlef Günther, our new BRCCH Multi-Investigator Projects showcased their vision for the next 5 years. Our three international keynote speakers gave us new perspectives on how research can be applied and translated. With this event, we are pleased to welcome our new research projects at the Centre and the start of their research activities at BRCCH!


The event started with welcome addresses by BRCCH Directors Prof Georg Holländer and Prof Sai Reddy, followed by opening remarks by President Prof Andrea Schenker-Wicki (University of Basel) and Vice President Prof Detlef Günther (ETH Zurich).
The regular program started with a keynote lecture by Prof Samuel Sia  from Columbia University, USA, entitled "Microfluidics for 3D tissue engineering and personal health diagnostics", followed by the presentation of the first of four new Multi-Investigator Projects (MIPs) of the BRCCH. Dr Andreas Mueller presented a project called "Burden-reduced cleft lip and palate care and healing" and its plans for next five years.
After the coffee break, the second of the MIPs was presented by Prof Emma Wetter Slack. It is called "Precision microbiota engineering for child health." Before lunch, the second keynote lecture was given by Prof Faith Osier from KEMRI Wellcome Trust, Kenya & Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany. Her talk was entitled
"Plasmodium falciparum malaria - Antibody correlates of protection from volunteer infection studies in Kenya".
The afternoon saw a first talk by Prof Randall Platt who introduced the third MIP called "Living microbial diagnostics to enable individualized child health interventions." The last MIP was presented by Prof Günther Fink under the title "Digital support systems to improve child health and development in low income settings". The last of talks was again a keynote, provided by Dr Alexander Finlayson of Nye Health & University of Oxford, UK. His talk was named "Nye Health: Helping to make the world well," and was followed by announcements and closing remarks by BRCCH Director Prof Georg Holländer.

The event was accompanied by artist Alex Hughes. Here are his wonderful drawings: