Dr Carl Zinner

BRCCH Researcher
University of Basel

Dr Carl Zinner is an applied mathematician working on various bioinformatics projects for the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel. Within his role in this FTC project (link below), he helps with the analysis of large-scale biological data. Dr Zinner received his undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and completed an exchange year at the University of California San Diego in the USA. After obtaining his master’s degree in quantitative finance in Sydney, Australia, he gained experience as a financial markets data scientist in Geneva. Thereafter, he completed a PhD in theoretical physics at the Chair of Polymer Physics and Complex Fluids at ETH Zurich. His thesis investigated numerical simulations of gas flows at extreme scales. These occur during the re-entry of space vehicles, but also at micro scales in the lung. Before joining the COVID-19 project, he worked as an independent freelancer, utilizing his statistical and computational knowledge in machine learning and data projects.

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