Dr Frank Dieterle

BRCCH Collaborator
Swiss TPH

Dr Frank Dieterle is the co-leader of the BRCCH-funded DAVINCI project. He received a PhD in bioinformatics and analytics from the University of Tübingen, Germany, in 2003. His research interests are in vitro diagnostics (IVD), companion diagnostics, biomarkers, nephrology and machine learning.

Dr Dieterle joined Roche in 2003, building up their metabolomics research, and in 2005, he joined Novartis as project leader for safety biomarkers. He was the co-founder and first Director of the international IMI SAFE-T consortium. In parallel, he was a global project team representative for Translational Medicine in two drug development programmes in transplantation and nephrology. He also joined the newly created Novartis Companion Diagnostics department, bringing companion diagnostic tests from research to the market. In 2012, he became part of a small team leading the acquisition of the VIVACTA biotech company and building up the Novartis Near Patient Testing (NPT) unit along with a new Novartis site in Kent, UK. In 2016, the unit launched and commercialized NIJI, the first Novartis point of care IVD platform, along with diagnostic tests. Dr Dieterle led the Novartis Kent site from 2017 to 2018. He also led the NPT unit until its closure.

In 2019, Dr Dieterle joined FHNW (University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland) part-time as the scientific project leader of the biotech company Genuine Analytics AG. He is the co-founder and CSO of the start-up Mulier Health GmbH and CEO of Dieterle Life Science Consulting. In 2020, he took the initiative to assemble members of the M4IVD network in order to develop home tests for COVID-19, which was the birth of the DAVINCI consortium.

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