Dr Josephine Muhairwe

BRCCH Collaborator

Josephine Muhairwe is the Country Director for SolidarMed (Swiss based health Non-Government Organisation) in Lesotho. She is a Ugandan trained physician with a Master’s in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is also currently pursuing a PhD in Global Health in the Department of Medicine at the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to directing all the health-related work for SolidarMed in Lesotho, Josephine’s research interests include investigating how low and middle-income settings can respond better to their health and health system challenges through the process of identifying and implementing changes in policy and practices. Particularly, she is interested in innovative approaches to the treatment and management of infectious and chronic diseases that include improvements in access, coverage, quality, or efficiency for marginalised rural populations. During her free time, Josephine likes to travel, read and provide free medical treatment during medical missions.

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