Dr Kirstin Goth

BRCCH Researcher
University of Basel

Dr phil nat Dipl Psych Kirstin Goth, University of Basel, is a senior researcher at the Psychiatric University Clinics (UPK) Basel in Switzerland. She is specialized in test construction with focus on age-adaption and culture-adaption. She led the international project on "Phenotyping healthy and impaired personality development in children and adolescents  - Early assessment of PD" initiated by Prof Klaus Schmeck from its start in 2011 until its end in 2022.

In addition, she leads the universitarian self-publishing project academic-tests (https://academic-tests.com), in which all developed instruments (AIDA, LoPF-Q, OPD-CA2-SQ: instruments for assessing emerging PD with an each different clinical  focus, applicable for adolescent self-report from 12 years on) in all languages and the scientific results are made available in a fast and uncomplicated way in order to promote early detection and treatment of personality disorders (PD) as well as international research and networking.

The newly developed parent versions of LoPF-Q, OPD-CA2-SQ and PID5BF+CA for assessing emerging personality difficulties in parent report for children between 6 and 18 are the starting point for an international longitudinal investigation of the development of personality disorders.

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