Dr Miodrag Savic

BRCCH Researcher
University Hospital Basel

Dr Miodrag Savic (MD, DDS) is a member of the Hightech Research Center in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) at the University of Basel. He is also a member of the Medical Additive Manufacturing research group at DBE. Dr Savic is part of the University of Basel’s Faculty of Medicine thanks to his participation in the curricular committee and the Faculty Assembly. He teaches first- and second-year students studying for master’s degrees in dental medicine. As Head of the suturing course for dental students since 2012, he has taught over 250 students. Since March 2020, Dr Savic has been delegated by the Department of Health to lead different projects for mitigating COVID-19.

Dr Savic received his medical and dental degrees from the University of Basel. He spent a clinical research year in the Stem Cell Center of Competence in the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel. He received his MD in the field of stem cell research and his DDS in the field of medical advanced materials in 3D printing. During his residency in general surgery in the neurosurgery clinic at University Hospital Basel, Dr Savic began a research collaboration with Dr Martin Sailer, which resulted in a common patent (Sailer M. and Savic M. 2016. Invasion cell culture system for use in drug discovery. European Patent Office).

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