Dr Morten Ruhwald

BRCCH Collaborator
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

Dr Morten Ruhwald joined FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) in 2019 as Head of the TB programme. He is a medical doctor with over 15 years of professional experience, including 4 in clinical medicine and 12 in research and development in the area of vaccines and diagnostics for TB.

Dr Ruhwald has been project lead on several diagnostic tests for latent M.tb infection, including specific skin tests and new simpler in-vitro diagnostics in the IGRA family. He has worked extensively with international stakeholders in translational medicine and product development for poverty-related diseases.

Prior to joining FIND, he was the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Human Immunology at the Center for Vaccine Research at Statens Serum Institute, Denmark, and before that he led the TB immunology group at the Copenhagen University Hospital. Morten obtained his Medical degree and PhD from Copenhagen University, Denmark and has published more than 80 academic papers.

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