Dr Sarah Brüningk

BRCCH PEP fellow
ETH Zurich

Dr Sarah Brüningk is a group leader for paediatric oncology applications within the Biomedical Data Science lab of Prof Catherine Jutzeler at ETH Zurich. Her expertise in both practical biological lab work and computational implementations enables her to pursue challenging multidisciplinary projects at the interface of computational biology, machine learning and oncology. Her research interests lie in combining machine learning and mechanistic modelling for healthcare applications embracing the clinical hallmarks of a disease in order to provide interpretable and deployable healthcare solutions. Before joining ETH Zurich, Dr Brüningk completed her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, UK, on the analysis and simulation of combination treatments of radiation and focused ultrasound-mediated heating. Her work has previously been recognized by several travel, poster and presentation awards, as well as the Nadine Barrie Smith Student Award and the Sensius Young Investigator Award.

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