Dr Sören Fricke

BRCCH Consortium Member

Dr Sören Fricke is heading the sector for Integrated and Flexible Sensors at CSEM. For his customers he develops sensors for applications mainly in Life Sciences, Robotics and Industry 4.0. Dr Fricke is a phycisist with a broad background in semiconductors, micro- and nano-optics as well as printed electronics. He gained a strong manufacturing background in automotive electronics industry

Dr Fricke will be contribute to the project in regards scale up and pilot production, maintaining the link with the M4IVD association, for which Dr Fricke is chairman. His research interest is on precision technologies for Life Science applications and the scale-up of new technologies to industrial readiness. With his sector and the M4IVD association he strives to not only develop lab prototypes but bring these to pilot production. CSEM’s technology platforms provide a toolbox for diagnostic devices and they are constantly under development to anticipated future needs.

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