Dr Torsten Schmitz Cherdron

BRCCH Researcher
Swiss TPH

Dr Torsten Schmitz is a Paediatrician and Paediatric Emergency Care Specialist working as clinical consultant in the Digital Health Unit at the Swiss Centre for International Health of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

His work focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of digital Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) in LMIC. His current project engagements comprise the clinical coordination and deployment of decision support algorithms for paediatric consultations in primary health care clinics in Nigeria, Libya, as well as in refugee camps in Chad. Prior to his work for Swiss TPH, Dr Schmitz worked in tertiary and secondary paediatric hospitals in Berne, New Zealand and lastly as Paediatric Consultant in the Emergency Department of the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB).

In parallel, he gained broad experience in tropical medicine during engagements in humanitarian aid projects. His main areas of clinical expertise include management of acute paediatric emergencies, malnutrition management, paediatric infectious and respiratory diseases. He has broad experience as instructor of medical teaching and training activities, including simulation scenarios.

Publication List:

Schmitz T, Beynon F, Musard C, Kwiatkowski M, Landi M, Ishaya D, Zira J, Muazu M, Renner C, Emmanuel E, Bulus SG, Rossi R. Effectiveness of an electronic clinical decision support system in improving the management of childhood illness in primary care in rural Nigeria: an observational study. BMJ Open. 2022 Jul 21;12(7):e055315.

Bernasconi A, Crabbé F, Adedeji AM, Bello A, Schmitz T, Landi M, Rossi R. (2019). Results from one-year use of an electronic Clinical Decision Support System in a post-conflict context: An implementation research. PLoS One, 14, e0225634

Pohl C, Mack I, Schmitz T, Ritz N (2017). The spectrum of care for pediatric refugees and asylum seekers at a tertiary health care facility in Switzerland in 2015. Eur J Pediatr; 176(12):1681-1687

Schmitz T (2009). Satisfaction with psycho-oncological treatment. A quality-assurance study at a university clinic for psychosomatics. Doctoral thesis. Munich, Germany: Technische Universität München. https://d-nb.info/1002051460/34

Schmitz T, Weis J, Herschbach P (2008). Qualitätssicherung in der Psychoonkologie. In: Dorfmüller M, Dietzfelbinger H, editors. Psychoonkologie. Diagnostik - Methoden - Therapieverfahren. Elsevier Verlag, Munich




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