Prof Edina Sinanovic

BRCCH Strategic Scientific Advisory Board
University of Capetown

Edina Sinanovic is an Associate Professor and Head of the Health Economics Division in the School of Public Health & Family Medicine at University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her academic training is in economics and health economics, and Prof Sinanovic has worked on economic evaluation of health care interventions, economic considerations in vaccination, and scaling up health interventions since 1997. Her current research focuses on the evaluation of cost-effectiveness of alternative diagnostic and treatment interventions for TB, HIV and cancer. She is involved in a wide range of research activities, often in collaboration with other national and international research groups, including the Global Health Cost Consortium. She publishes widely in high impact journals and her work has directly influenced government policy. In addition, Prof Sinanovic is an executive member of the Pharmaceutical & Technology Clinical Management Association (PTCMA) of South Africa, with a focus on research and education. She has served as a member of the WHO Immunization and Vaccines related Implementation Research Advisory Committee.


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