Frank Chacky

BRCCH Collaborator
Ministry of Health Tanzania

Frank Chacky is the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist working with the Ministry of Health, through the National Malaria Control Programme in Tanzania. He holds a masters degree in Health Monitoring and Evaluation from Jimma University, Ethiopia.  During the past 16 years he has worked at the Ministry of Health, building expertise on the evaluation of malaria control interventions, project planning, data management, development of monitoring tools, management of research teams, performing routine data quality checks and dissemination of findings. He has strong collaboration and networks with implementing partners, stakeholders and researchers at different institutions, disease programs, universities, both locally and internationally.

Frank Chacky is the Principal Investigator of the ongoing biennial School Malaria Parasitological Surveys (SMPS) conducted to school age children since 2014 countrywide covering all mainland Tanzania regions and councils with sample size of over 65,000 per survey round. He is also a co-PI of various ongoing malaria studies and a focal point for malaria research at the programme.

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