Prof Gregor Hutter

BRCCH Researcher
University Hospital Basel

Prof Gregor Hutter is a senior neurosurgeon at University Hospital Basel. Within the frame of the FTC consortium (link below), he leads the clinical Neuro-COVID trial and implements CODEX analysis of brain autopsy samples from COVID patients. Prof Hutter started his research group in brain tumour immunotherapy at the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel two years ago. He is a senior neurosurgeon specializing in neuro-oncology and also a molecular immunologist. His research intends to boost novel immunotherapeutic approaches in neuro-oncology, especially glioblastoma. Prof Hutter’s group aims to combine approaches that either locally target microglia and the adaptive immune system or directly interfere with the tumour cells. This is also achieved using innovative technologies such as 3D human tissue cultures and CODEX.

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