Leonel Aguilar

BRCCH Consortium Member
ETH Zurich

Leonel Aguilar is a Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Data Science, Systems and Services laboratory (DS3), ETH Zurich. Previously he has held postdoctoral appointments at the Cognitive Science group (COG) and the Computational Social Science group (COSS), ETH Zurich, and the research centre for Large-​scale Earthquake, Tsunami and Disaster (LsETD, now CESERI) at the Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, Japan. Leonel obtained his Ph.D. at the Computational Science and High-​Performance Computing Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Previously, Leonel held a principal Lecturer appointment at del Valle University, Guatemala in both the Mathematics and the Civil Engineering departments. His research focuses on modelling, simulating and analyzing social phenomena and the development and deployment of the AI/ML-based systems to support this. He has built systems to analyze AI-driven software agents in artificial worlds to VR experiments to quantify human behaviour. Leonel has contributed to systems to make ML more accessible to non-experts while ensuring best practices. In this context, Leonel has contributed to Easeml/AutoML an Automatic Machine Learning system and its Integration with the Swiss Data Science Center’s Renku data science service and Easeml/CI&CD a system for continuous integration and delivery of ML models.

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