Dr Matthias Matter

BRCCH Co-Investigator
University Hospital Basel

PD Dr Matthias Matter is a Surgical Pathologist at the University Hospital Basel. In the frame of this project, Matthias provides his knowledge in immunology and molecular analysis. He studied medicine at the University of Bern, where he also received an MD-PhD in the field of tumor immunology and host-viral interactions. His research experience was further extended by a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda (USA), working on tumor immunology. He is a Surgical Pathologist with a sub-specialisation in Molecular Pathology, and works at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Pathology at the University Hospital of Basel with a main focus in Molecular Pathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology. His main research interests are immune responses against tumors and the role of chronic inflammation, such as caused by hepatitis B or C virus, in tumor development. In the BRCCH FTC project (link below), Matthias is mainly involved in study design, histopathological examination, and analyzing the immune response against SARS-Cov2 in the lungs and lymph nodes by using gene expression analysis and CODEX.

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