Dr Melanie Lang (Clerc)

BRCCH Consortium Member
ETH Zurich

Melanie Lang, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher working in the Sunagawa-lab at the institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich since March 2020. She studied zoology (2007-2010) with a master's degree in evolutionary biology (2010-2012) at the University of Basel. She then moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a PhD in disease ecology in the group of Dr Amy B Pedersen at the University of Edinburgh, UK where she investigated the mechanisms of parasite within-host interactions in wild rodents (2013-2017). Eager to find out more about how the resident bacterial communities within an organism (microbiota) would be linked to an individual's health and disease outcome, she joined the group of Prof Debby Bogaert at the Queen's Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh, UK, where she studied, amongst other projects, how the microbial networks at different sites of the human body would be linked to each other and how this affected susceptibility to respiratory tract infections in healthy infants (2017-2020). She now applies her wet lab, bioinformatics and data analysis experience within the framework of the BRCCH precision microbiota engineering project.


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