Prof Catherine Jutzeler

BRCCH Researcher
ETH Zurich

Catherine Jutzeler is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST) at ETH Zurich. Her research aims to identify causes, risk factors, and biomarkers of disease progression. At the core of her research is a series of prospective and retrospective investigations that integrate genetic, biochemical, clinical assessments and medication history with both traditional epidemiological approaches and machine-learning algorithms. Prof Jutzeler’s innovative and award-winning research has already led to the discovery of novel targets for the treatment of neurological diseases, as well as novel predictors of disease progression. Based on her expertise, she has been consulted by other researchers and pharmaceutical companies for advice related to clinical trial design, observational studies (including sample size calculations, analysis plans, data requests) and systematic reviews (including meta-analysis).

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