Prof Dieter Schumann

BRCCH Consortium Member
University Hospital Basel

Professor Dieter Armand Schumann is a senior scientist and a maxillofacial surgeon. His main interests are in cleft surgery, reconstructive surgery and microsurgery.  He has also a lot of experience in biomaterial science especially in cellulose research. During his career he was the Head of the Department of Maxillo-Facial and Plastic Surgery in Jena, 1983-2005. Prof. Schumann is one of the founding members of the International Bone Research Association (IBRA), which was established in 2004 in Zürich. In 2011 he went to Hyderabad, India on an international OP-mission. He further acts as a Board member of POLYMET Jena e.V. and is a senior research counselor in Basel since 2007.

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