Prof George Ademowo

BRCCH Collaborator
University of Ibadan

Prof George Olusegun Ademowo is a Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training and the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the College of Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His research focuses on the genetics and pathogenesis of malaria, drug discovery and disposition kinetics and clinical trials. He also works on immune responses to infectious agents including helminths, malaria, and HIV. He is involved in the development of diagnostics and the establishment of a mobile laboratory for multiple testing and the detection of pathogens using the Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) technique. He collaborates with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Chevy Chase, USA, on the isolation, sequence characterization and annotation of bacteriophages, and with the University of Leipzig in Germany and other institutions on the use of the mobile suitcase laboratory for diagnosing SARS COV-2, with funding from European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnerships (EDCTP).

Prof Ademowo has won a number of research grants from local and international agencies such as Nigeria’s National Biotechnology Development Agency, the World Health Organization, the European Commission, the World Bank and various pharmaceutical companies. He is a visiting professor and/or research scientist at over twenty institutions within Africa, Europe and America, and has won several fellowships and awards, including the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, the Malaria Vaccine Advocacy Fellowship and the Volkswagen Scholarship.

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