Prof Jean-Christophe Leroux

BRCCH Researcher
ETH Zurich

Prof Jean-Christophe Leroux is Full Professor of Drug Formulation and Delivery at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He was trained as a pharmacist at the University of Montreal (Canada), obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF (USA). He was Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Montreal from 1997 to 2008. He has made important fundamental and applied contributions to the fields of biomaterials and drug delivery, and has also been involved in the development of innovative bio-detoxification systems. Prof Leroux has published more than peer-reviewed 260 research articles and book chapters, is the (co)inventor of 25 original patents and patent applications. He is a fellow of the AAPS, EurAsc and the CRS, and the co-founder of Versantis AG and Inositec AG, two ETH spin-off pharmaceutical companies developing drugs for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy/urea cycle disorders and vascular/kidney calcification, respectively.

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