Prof Jürg Hammer

BRCCH Co-Investigator
University Children's Hospital Basel

Prof Jürg Hammer is Board Certified in Pediatrics, Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonology by the Swiss Medical Association FMH. He passed his medical degree at the Medical University of Basel and also passed the Certificate of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of the United States. He was trained at the Institute of Medical Genetics, University Zurich and the University Children’s Hospital Basel. He spent a year as a clinical fellow at the Division of Pediatric Intensive Care at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Besides clinical work, he was involved and initiated multiple studies on respiratory physiology of critically ill children. In 1998 he received the 1st prize of the Annual Award for Paediatric Respiratory Research in Europe by the European Respiratory Society. Soon after his return to the University Children’s Hospital Basel, he became chief of the Intensive Care Unit and later the head of the combined Division of Respiratory and Critical Care at the end of 1999. His research interest in respiratory physiology continued in Basel where he also served many years as a consultant for Novartis (former Sandoz) in their primate lung function laboratory. He became Titular Professor of Pulmonology and Intensive Care in 2004. In 2007, he was awarded by the Swiss Society of Pediatrics with the prestigious Fanconi award. His main research interest is directed towards improving the health of critically ill children and children with acute and chronic respiratory diseases. This involves research in respiratory physiology, lung function testing, airway endoscopy and assisted ventilation.

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