Prof Nicole Probst Hensch

BRCCH Researcher
Swiss TPH

Prof Nicole Probst Hensch is a member of the Swiss TPH directory board and head of the institute's largest research department of epidemiology and public health.

Prof Probst Hensch and her research team are conducting exposome science. They are renowned experts in implementing and maintaining large citizen cohorts and biobanks, both nationally in Switzerland as well as globally in different low and middle income countries. They apply exposure measurements and models as well as prospectively obtained biological samples and MRI images to improve causal understanding of pathways from risk patterns (consisting of genetic and other personal, lifestyle, chemical, and environmental factors) to aging and non-communicable disease occurrence (asthma, COPD, diabetes, CVD, mental disorders) over the lifecourse.

She obtained PhDs in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Basel in Switzerland and in Epidemiology from UCLA, Los Angeles (USA). Prof Probst Hensch is a faculty member of the Swiss School of Public Health SSPH+ and serves on numerous science and public health committees in Switzerland. She is a member of the scientific advisory board of the German National Cohort. She is a recipient of the science award of the canton of Basel-Stadt for her outstanding work in cohort and biobanking science.

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