Daniel Mäusezahl & Stella Hartinger Peña

Ethics, Policy & Implementation Research in Paediatric Health

The BRCCH wants young people across different societies to have broad access to innovative technology and digital health solutions, thus benefitting society at large. However, many technologies have been deployed without due ethical considerations or circumspect policies in place. Regulatory frameworks within this domain are only just beginning to be developed by governmental and non-governmental organisations and regulatory bodies.

The BRCCH will therefore actively pursue and enable research dedicated to ethics, policy and implementation related to paediatric digital health interventions. In these research projects, specific attention will be given to how digital tools influence behavioural changes and decision-making in health issues that concern young people and their caregivers. Moreover, research related to the economic and socio-cultural implications of paediatric digital health data and their use in interventions and in the design of clinical trials will be undertaken in both the Global North and the Global South.

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