Focal Areas

The BRCCH and its partners conduct multidisciplinary research projects that address unmet medical needs in the context of wide range of communicable and non-communicable medical conditions of young people. These effort focus on diseases that cause significant burden to individuals, their families and the wider community, irrespective of an individual’s societal conditions. Bespoke solutions are designed and developed by BRCCH scientists and physicians to prevent, mitigate or even cure diseases. BRCCH’s output is therefore targeted to improve the health of young people. Four broad research areas are at the centre of this effort.

Paediatric Digital Health

Currently, advances in computational and digital medicine focus largely on adult datasets. In comparison, efforts to collect and analyse high-quality health-specific data from young people are less common, not least because ethical and legal considerations often exclude or minimize the participation of minors in clinical trials. Consequently, solutions in precision and personalized medicine are particularly … Continue reading "Paediatric Digital Health"


Advanced Bioengineering for Paediatric Medicine

Ground-breaking advances in bioengineering (biotechnology and computational biology) and biomedical research are fuelling our ability to assess disease treatment and prevention, taking into account an individual’s variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. This bioengineering approach is resulting in an era of more precise medicine, though it has so far been primarily applied to diseases affecting … Continue reading "Advanced Bioengineering for Paediatric Medicine"


Essential Paediatric Medical Devices

The use of age-appropriate and -effective medical devices is especially critical for reducing disease burden in young people. However, there is a generally acknowledged deficiency of medical devices that are specifically designed to be used in the paediatric age group where the physiology differs between young and old. Moreover, this deficiency is further compounded for … Continue reading "Essential Paediatric Medical Devices"


Ethics, Policy & Implementation Research in Paediatric Health

The BRCCH wants young people across different societies to have broad access to innovative technology and digital health solutions, thus benefitting society at large. However, many technologies have been deployed without due ethical considerations or circumspect policies in place. Regulatory frameworks within this domain are only just beginning to be developed by governmental and non-governmental … Continue reading "Ethics, Policy & Implementation Research in Paediatric Health"