Science Speaks: Conversations on Health Podcast - What is Pathology?


There are numerous examples of pathologists in books, films and television shows, but how accurate are these portrayals? In the first episode of Science Speaks: Conversations on Health, Vicky Edkins from the Basel Research Centre for Child Health talks to Professor Alexandar Tzankov, a surgical pathologist at the University Hospital Basel. Learn more about the fascinating work of pathologists – from unravelling the impact of COVID-19 on the body to uncovering the cause of death of a mummified lady found in a Swiss church.

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Operating theatre at the University Hospital Basel

Comparing the appearance of a lung in a patient who died from COVID-19 to that of a patient without COVID

Microthrombi (brown stain) obstructing the microvessels of the lung in lethal COVID-19

Microvascular perturbation of the alveoli in COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 on the surface of a villous epithelial cell