ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella

Essential Paediatric Medical Devices

The use of age-appropriate and -effective medical devices is especially critical for reducing disease burden in young people. However, there is a generally acknowledged deficiency of medical devices that are specifically designed to be used in the paediatric age group where the physiology differs between young and old. Moreover, this deficiency is further compounded for devices to be implemented in LMICs since they have been primarily, if not exclusively, developed for use in high-income countries. Consequently, these devices may be incompatible with the conditions and infrastructure present in resource-limited settings.

The BRCCH supports the innovative design of essential medical devices that improves the care of young people throughout the world. BRCCH’s research portfolio will also support novel technologies that offer new or improved solutions for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of acute and chronic childhood diseases as well as the rehabilitation of young people with disabilities, injuries and other life-threatening conditions. Bespoke point-of-care diagnostic and therapeutic devices will therefore be developed that meet the expectation to be used in young people and under conditions relevant to LMICs.

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