Dr Ndongo Dia

BRCCH Collaborator
Institut Pasteur Dakar

Dr Ndongo Dia is a virologist and Head of the Reference Center for influenza and other respiratory viruses at the Institut Pasteur de Dakar. His team is involved in influenza surveillance in Senegal, working closely with WHO collaborating centres. His research activities focus on the genetic and antigenic dynamic of influenza viruses in Senegal and the investigation of flu viruses at the human/animal interfaces. He also looks at non-influenza viruses (including coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza, enterovirus, adenovirus and metapneumovirus) with the aim of describing their molecular epidemiology in Senegal. The burden of respiratory viruses (flu and non-flu), especially in paediatric groups, is also an important aspect of his team’s activities.

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