Dr Oliver Weingart

BRCCH Collaborator

Originally a biologist, Dr Oliver Weingart is an alumnus of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab at ETH Zurich, the Pioneer fellowship, and Wyss Zurich. He has led medical device development teams bringing Class II and III medical products ranging from tissue-engineered blood vessels to mechatronic devices to IoT solutions into a clinical setting. Dr Weingart has worked on his own products in the past and is now supporting customers via konplan systemhaus AG in their device and product development. He is currently working as a project leader for medical device and IVD product development, mainly in the area of mechatronics and software engineering. Furthermore, he consults with customers on the requirements for achieving regulatory compliance in order to allow clinical application and attain CE certification. He is an expert in most applicable norms, guidelines and regulations (GMP, GCP, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, ISO 62366, ISO 14971, MDD/MDR and IVDD/IVDR).

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