Dr Philippe Dussart

BRCCH Collaborator
Institut Pasteur de Madagascar

Dr Philippe Dussart is a medical virologist at the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar, part of the Institut Pasteur International Network. He is involved in research and public health with a special interest in the diagnosis, epidemiology and molecular characterization of emerging tropical infectious diseases, mainly arboviral diseases (dengue, yellow fever, Zika, Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya and more recently Rift Valley fever). Prior to working in Madagascar, he was based at the Institut Pasteur in French Guiana (South America) and the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (Southeast Asia). His research areas also include the molecular characterization and epidemiology of seasonal and highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses. He also contributes to surveillance and research programmes focused on other emerging infectious diseases of interest, e.g., coronaviruses (including SARS-CoV-2), rabies (which is still considered a neglected disease) and enteroviruses.

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