Dr Spasenija Savic Prince

BRCCH Researcher
University Hospital Basel

Dr Spasenija Savic Prince is a senior pathologist with expertise in thoracic pathology and cytopathology at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Pathology at University Hospital Basel (USB). She received her medical degree from the University of Basel. After a residency in pathology and a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, she joined the faculty in 2009. As part of the thoracic disease management team, she works with colleagues from pneumology, oncology, surgery and radiation oncology to care for patients affected by lung and pleural disease. Her research is primarily focused on lung cancer and the investigation of predictive biomarkers. Dr Savic has published numerous original papers and reviews and is an editorial board member of Acta Cytologica.

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