Nila-Pia Rähle

BRCCH Collaborator
Effectum Medical

Nila-Pia Rähle will be supporting the BRCCH-funded DAVINCI team in regulatory affairs and matters relating to quality management. She is a co-founder and COO of Effectum Medical, a legal manufacturer of medical devices offering an outsourced quality management system (QMS) solution.

Ms Rähle holds a master’s in biochemistry from ETH Zurich and a master’s in business management from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Her professional career includes different areas of the life science industry (pharma, biotech, medical devices) and she has worked for both leading global players and innovative start-ups. In her 20 years of business experience, she has held roles on national, international and executive levels. With her broad experience, she is able to manage all aspects along the entire value chain, with the key focus on project management, regulatory affairs and quality management.

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