Prof Gerd Pluschke

BRCCH Researcher
Swiss TPH

Prof Gerd Pluschke is a biochemist and heads the Molecular Immunology Group of the Swiss TPH. Before joining the Swiss TPH, he was working at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics (Berlin, Germany), the Washington University (St. Louis, USA), the Basel Institute for Immunology and Ciba Pharma Research.

His research at Swiss TPH combines field and laboratory research in infectious disease with the major aim to develop new tools for disease control. Major activities include 1. investigations of host-pathogen interactions and vaccine design for malaria, 2. characterization of the molecular epidemiology of bacterial meningitis epidemics in the meningitis belt of Africa and 3. a broad research portfolio on the neglected tropical skin disease Buruli ulcer. This disease is primarily found in West and Central Africa and caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans.

The group's research on buruli ulcer is currently focused on drug discovery based on the screening of new actives against tuberculosis and the development of a rapid diagnostic test and of a mycolactone-based vaccine.

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